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Kanye West & His Ecumenical False Jesus

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“Google lied to you! Facebook lied to you!” As these somber words of Kanye West reverberated the walls of the auditorium on November 20, 2016 during his Saint Pablo Tour, fans around the world were taken by utter surprise. Those words sparked a rapid chain of events that later had Kanye West proclaiming Jesus in a somewhat, bedraggled fashion. Coincidently, it has led many believers wondering, was his conversion to Jesus Christ real or was it planned all along? 

Immediately following the event on stage, it seems that rant had put a target on Kanye’s back on Hollywood’s ‘hit list’. After what seemed like a torturous affair in the hospital, Kanye comes out looking dazed and confused. It is quite common for celebrities to be quieted when they act up especially after calling out high profile names in the industry as Kanye did. 

Therefore, if Kanye is not allowed to expose the industry, then how is he able to promote the antithesis of this occultic industry? Let alone be praised for it.

The Sacrifice That May Have Given Him a Second Chance

The only feasible opportunity that Kanye had at the time to get out of this alive was to give a blood sacrifice to save his own life. And surely enough, immediately following his release, his one-year-old nephew suddenly dies in a mysterious fashion and shortly after, Kanye releases a new album. This wouldn’t be the first death surrounding his success as many fans recall the death of his mother, Donda West. Followed immediately by his hit album that would transform Kanye into a music legend.

According to one of the world’s highest level occultic magicians, Aleister Crowley, the highest form of human sacrifice is a young boy. Musicians have outright admitted that selling your soul to the devil is the only way to make it big in the music industry. This is occultic knowledge that has been hidden from the public and is now coming to light as more people begin to wake up to the truth. 

“The god of this world (Satan) has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Jesus Christ” (2 Corinthians 4:4).

Kanye West is suddenly back in the spotlight as if nothing had ever happened and is now proclaiming to be born again. Yet, a closer examination of the details surrounding his life prove that this isn’t a genuine conversion. Rather, a false conversion to spread a false gospel to usher in the one world religion. This one world religion is currently advancing in colossal waves. As many celebrities are turning to Christianity in an effort to act as an influencer to their massive following.

Yet, those who are using their God-given ability to rightly divide the word of truth can detect clearly the agenda that Kanye West is pushing. (2 Timothy 2:15)

What is the One World Religion Ecumenical Movement?

As Ecclesiastes 1:9 strongly purports, there is nothing new under the sun and what has been, always was, and still is. That said, this ‘movement’ is simply a reiteration of the ancient Babylonian kingdom. Nimrod wanted to create a tower reaching the heavens and bring humanity all under one rule. Then we saw the same anecdote play out in Rome when the Roman Catholic Church slaughtered over 50 million believers. Bibles were burned in an effort to bring forth the harlot church and beast of Revelations. All this in order to bring humanity once again under one rule.

Following the revolution of the Protestant Reformation, the Roman Catholic Institution received a lot of hate. The pope and his Jesuit soldiers today, however, seem to cause little controversy. They are portraying the role of a misunderstood church preaching unity to all nations under various peace treaties that are happening right this very moment. One such treaty is the recent peace contract signed between Pope Francis and Islam.

Peace and love is their motto; power and control is their goal. This one world religion that will be part of the New World Order will be under the guise of world peace and unity. The goal is to unite all religions under one. That way Rome can have its power back. It’s easier to control when everyone is united under the same leader. Which in this case, will be the Antichrist that has been scripturally prophesied for so long.

Rome used to have all the power. They didn’t just change their minds and revert to a more docile nature. Meanwhile, less powerful organizations are taking the heat on Christian ‘truth’ channels for being the real enemy. Such organization such as the New Age cult, for example. This is a classic act of fanning the flames the other way to avoid exposure.

All Roads Lead to Rome

All roads do lead back to Rome as that is where we find the source of many of today’s secret society occult sects. Is it not at least somewhat disquieting that the organization that persecuted Bible-believers to such an extreme degree is being pushed under the rug? Moreover, we are now seeing Protestant leaders shaking hands with them on a regular basis.

You are being fooled if you believe Rome has no power or effect on our future. Interestingly, more than three dozen nations have signed a concordat with The Holy See (Vatican). This means they answer to the pope! In fact, the United States and the Vatican are closely interlinked, working together to promote global peace.

Furthermore, to find out where all the power is in the world, just follow the paper trail. The Vatican is the wealthiest organization on earth and yet they proclaim to preach the gospel of Christ which is paradoxical in nature itself. 

So what does all of this have to do with Kanye you might be wondering.

Signs that Kanye West’s Jesus Conversion is False

Jesus emphasized that MANY will come in His name and will deceive the VERY elect (Matthew 24:5). So, if you think you can’t be deceived, think again. The Jesuits have been infiltrating the protestant churches for many years (more on that later), so this isn’t anything new. They know the scriptures and are trained in how to earn your trust which is designed to lead you to follow the Antichrist in the end. To show you how Kanye West is promoting this false Jesus, let’s analyze the details of his actions and words.

His Merchandising Greed Machine

Someone who has given their life to Jesus does not look for opportunities to make money off the name of Jesus. Kanye uses his conversion to continue marketing his brand, albeit a converted brand, to help fill his pockets for personal gain. Selling “Jesus is King” sweatshirts and pants for $250 and $175, respectively, simply makes me blush with shame for him. This parallels the story of the money changers in God’s temple when Jesus turned the tables over in anger (Matthew 21:12). 

Many Christians proclaim that we shouldn’t judge Kanye and to give him a chance. This is not judgement, this is rebuking as we are demanded to do in scripture. He is mocking your Messiah. That should upset you! But rather, you’re afraid of upsetting Kanye and his supporters if you speak up against the mainstream opinion. If this is true, then you’re lukewarm and the truth is not in you.

“Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning.” (1 Timothy 5:20)

Kanye’s response to all this is, “I need to help feed my family,” says one of the wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood. Ok Kanye, but surely you’re not referring to food here. I think what he meant to say was he needed it to continue feeding his family’s luxurious lifestyle. There is absolutely no reason to be charging that much for any merchandise especially by slapping a Jesus label on it. This is greed, simply put. You cannot serve Christ under a greedy pretense. 

“No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.” Matthew 6:24

He is Still Part of Satanic Hollywood

As mentioned earlier, Hollywood is a satanic cult. It was created by the Vatican and ran by Illuminati Jesuits in order to create a machine that would affect the masses. This is done through entertainment used as a distraction and mind/behavioral tool. You cannot make it in Hollywood without selling your soul. Yet, ‘born again’ Kanye still remains within the system and is still cashing in within the system.

A believer would have to renounce all connections with evil. Why has he not exposed the evil going on in Hollywood and why does he continue to serve it? It is because he is still with them and has no plans to leave. He is tied to a satanic contract or else he will be eliminated. Someone who serves Christ is willing to lose his life for Christ. He is not.

Kim Kardashian’s Orthodox Baptism & Witchcraft Involvement

Of course, we can’t leave out Kim’s involvement in all this. Kim not only has been publicly supportive of this new and improved Kanye, but has siezed the reigns herself by making quite a spectacle of her own ‘version of conversion.’ She made sure to publicize her baptism in an Orthodox Church, which is literally just a daughter of the harlot Catholic Church.

Despite the schism between the two denominations, it is clear that the Orthodox, nevertheless, have adopted the same practices and blasphemous customs as their predecessors. They were, after all, one and the same with the Catholics at one point and are now currently signing a peace treaty with the pope himself to repair broken grounds and join in love and unity. Go figure.

Kim is also rather vocal with her regular visits to her medium to contact her dead father. As you should know, the dead cannot speak to us, and contact with the ‘dead’ is considered witchcraft which is prohibited for believers. However, not only does Kanye not rebuke this nonsense, he supports it. 

No Renouncing of Previous Blasphemous Content

From “Jesus Walks” to his proclamation of Yeezus and calling himself a god, Kanye sure has had his share of self-glorifying moments. Yeezy is a spinoff from Yeezus which is the name Kanye West refers to himself as a play to Jesus. This coincides with rapper Jay-Z’s nickname Hova which is a play on the Hebrew word for God, Jehovah. Kanye also had a Yeesus church and the Yeezianity website proclaims that this person called Yeesus will help usher in a new age of humanity. Furthermore, Kanye even had his own version of the Holy Bible starring none other than…Kanye! 

This fits perfectly with the new age cult system that has convinced mankind that they are gods. The same original lie that was told to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Yet, Kanye supporters are saying that it is his past and that we should not be bringing up old sin. While that is true in a general sense when someone has repented and is still struggling early on in their faith, this is just not the case with Kanye.

Sorry Kanye supporters, but he is still generating a nice chunk of revenue from these blasphemous titles. One YouTube search alone yields millions of views on all his sinful and trashy music content. If he has truly repented, he would be disgusted with that old image, renounce it, and tell others not to purchase it. Yet he has done none of that. Instead, he continues to receive royalties. Now his new album contains a mix of Christian icons and occultic masonic symbols like the 33 which represents the highest order of Freemasonry. Coincidence? If you choose to believe that. 

He Promotes the Virgin Mary

Now that we have gone over the final objective of the one world religion with ties to the Vatican, there should be no surprise when we are inundated with religious images of the Catholic Church, namely, the Virgin Mary who is their beloved idol and blasphemous intercessor for prayer.

Kanye West Jesus Mary Worship 

Kanye made no secret of whom he was serving when he performed a gospel choir flaunting the Virgin Mary on his jacket. Not to mention the sigil tattoo on his right arm that represents the 13th century image of guess who, the Virgin Mary. I don’t see Kanye getting that tattoo removed or covered up at least. 

His Recent Performance With Marilyn Manson

A common quote comes to mind, “Birds of a feather, flock together.” Recently, Kanye West collobaroted with Travis Scott and at the Astroworld festival. Travis Scott is no stranger to occultic symbolism.  Countless photos of him show him throwing up devil horns, the one eye, and even promoting occultic images on his albums. That’s only the beginning. Astroworld is far from being a platform for gospel music to flourish. Unless of course, it is Kanye’s ‘gospel.’

Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do rightousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? (2 Corinthians 6:14)

The stage was also shared by an open Satanist, Marilyn Manson. What is more disturbing is that during Marilyn’s performance, he publicly demonstrated how he felt regarding Christian matters when he proceeded to burn a bible on stage. Much to the dismay and shock of those watching probably, Kanye West had no comment on this. He performed as usual. Would a true born again Christian feel comfortable sharing the same stage as a satanist? More importantly, would a follower of the Messiah keep quiet when the Holy Bible is burned in his presence?  

He Defends & Promotes False Churches

During one of Kanye’s self-glorifying rants, he made the conscious effort to shine a light on the fact that so many Christians are “hating” on other religious sects such as Mormons and Catholics. His ingenious idea was for us to stop calling them out and instead, unite together. We see here again that he is promoting unity as the pope is also promoting. Yes, we are to be united as believers in Christ, but separate from the rest of the world including other religions who blaspheme Jesus like the Mormons and Catholics. 

In addition to this madness, People magazine came out with an article with the headline reading, “Kanye West ‘Very Interested’ in Spending More Time with Pastor Joel Osteen: They Are Friends.” Joel Osteen is another wolf in sheep’s clothing who promotes prosperity. Well, HIS prosperity!

Joel Osteen & Kanye West False Jesus

As a true believer in Christ, we are not to be friends with the world nor are we to promote and shake hands with false preachers. This is another red flag. 

“Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.” (James 4:4)

His Church Members are Required to Sign a Confidential Form

It appears that Kanye’s church is an “invite-only” exclusive gathering where guests who show up need to sign a confidential waiver form. Shouldn’t you be trying to bring the public to Christ though?  People who do things in secret are usually occultic in nature. What does Kanye have to hide about his church that the public should not see? Did Jesus do things in secret? Of course not, he performed all his miracles and preached to all people in public.

So it came as no surprise when Kim Kardashian commented, “This is just healing for him, there’s no preaching or sermon, just an experience.” Well, thank God he is not preaching. According to news sources, Kanye West and other musicians sing together at these Sunday church services dressed in attire from his Yeezy collection. All the while refreshments are sold along with $300 sneakers. This is clear that he has not renounced his “Yeezy” title, which coincides directly with the “Kanye West” Jesus.  

The Church of Satan Praises “Jesus is King” Album

Following the release of the “Jesus is King” album, the Church of Satan took a determined stance to Twitter. They tweeted, “Satan is the best friend Kanye has ever had,” adding in, “as he will keep him in business all these years!” In response to a follower’s tweet indicating that Satan is pissed they said: “We’re more pleased than anything. Only those who read our literature will get it.” Well, that is because Kanye is promoting a false gospel that has been so washed down that it requires its own rinse cycle. 

This is the Kanye West Jesus that the Church of Satan is approving of. Yet, a look back at the now deceased church founder, Anton Szandor LaVey, he always said that it is the fear of Satan that keeps people going back to church. This is implying that it is Satan who keeps the business of the churches prosperous and intact. Unfortunately, he is almost correct considering the mass majority of churches today have fallen away to lukewarm doctrines or turned the church into a cash cow.

And not surprisingly, his album debuts to #1. And guess who’s cashing in on that. Trust me folks, in the world we live in, a gospel tract would not be pushed to the top unless it was serving an agenda for the elite. Jesus said we would be hated and persecuted in this world (Matthew 10:22), not praised and loved by everyone.

YouTube is Lying to You!

I began taking notice of a trend on YouTube lately. Many of your favorite Christian YouTube channels heavily promote Kanye and these other celebrity conversions. For example, Steven Bancarz* was quite adamant when he made a video pleading to his followers. In this vidoe, he is seen trying to convince them that Kanye is a true Christian. Then he even followed up with another video praising Kanye’s “Jesus is King” album. 

Steven’s response to this has been on the extreme defense of Kanye. Instead of at least considering our research and anaysis, he does not even bother to weigh both sides. Instead, is quick to defend instead. Maybe it’s because Steven is getting paid quite generously to promote this content. Since Steven’s own conversion, he has done his share of promoting false churches or teachers including Todd White and Bethel Church.  

You should never put your trust in YouTube channels or any teacher for that matter no matter how many followers and likes they have. The elite also contact YouTube channels to offer them sell-out deals in order to promote certain content that they want pushed.  YouTube is owned by the same owners of other social media giants and they all work towards the same goal. Be vigilant, my friends. 

So Who is the Kanye West False Jesus?

These celebrities that proclaim to be turning to Christ are pushing an antichrist “do not judge and be tolerant of others” message. Yet, this is just not scriptural at all. They preach love and tolerance but stop there. Jesus was not tolerant, in fact, he did not come to bring peace. Kanye West and his false Jesus idea is rampant in the churches today.

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth. I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. A person’s enemies will be those of his own household.” (Matthew 10: 34, 36)

Yes, Jesus is love, but Jesus is also truth. Love without truth is not true love. This hippie, loving Jesus does not preach the truth of repentance, carrying your cross, and separation from the world. This is because this “Kanye West” Jesus that they promote is the antichrist Messiah that will someday soon make his debut while the world falls for it because it “sounds nice.”

This is an elaborate plan to get people to follow these new converts so they will eventually fall away from the true faith. In turn, becoming complacent living a lukewarm lifestyle. This ecumenical, new-age Jesus that is being promoted proclaims that all religions are saved, while sending the bulk of humanity straight to the slaughter.

“So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out.” (Revelations 3:16)

Jesus warned the disciples that many false prophets would come in His name, pretending to be a sheep but are ravening wolves. (Matthew 7:15) Paul also alludes to this when he warns to be wary of those who do not preach the gospel he is preaching but rather, another gospel, another Jesus. (Galatians 1:8) 

Folks, it is happening now at an alarming rate and I feel there is little time to warn the church. We must be wary of all teachers and test all spirits whether they are from God. (1 John 4:1)


By no means am I saying that Kanye’s conversion is not possible. I believe God can save anyone in any circumstance. What I am saying is that we need to test all spirits. It is not a coincidence that Pope Francis is currently uniting with other religions all the while Protestant leaders are teaming up with the Catholics. Rejoice! These are signs that our Messiah is almost here, so hang in there my brothers and sisters.

I believe Kanye was starting to slowly open up about Hollywood when he went on the rant that got him hospitalized. He was given a second chance that came at a price, in order to survive and continue with his career. He would have to push an agenda so widespread today, that even the elect of Christianity has failed to comprehend.

I truly wanted to believe Kanye had turned to Jesus but the analysis is pointing to the contrary. Yes, we should still pray for him as we should pray for all others. However, keeping quiet about the red flags is NOT what Jesus would do. We are to use the Word to rebuke and correct. I hope I was able to convey this correction with deliberate research and analysis and I pray the truth reaches your heart. To whoever is reading this, so you can then share the truth with others. 

May God bless you on this journey.





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*On behalf of Torah Tora, whenever a name is mentioned in an article, we feel they have the right to defend their stance. If Steven Bancarz would be interested in doing a podcast to refute the information presented, he is welcomed to. Just keep in mind, our questions will be very direct and honest. This includes Kanye!


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  1. 'Erick Mungai

    1 Tim 4:1 The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.
    If there’s a time the body of Christ needs the “discernment of spirits” gift is now.
    The enemy has packaged the false gospel/doctrine so well and massively promoted it that even the elect r being carried away.
    ~To him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you before his glorious presence without fault and with great joy–to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen. Jude1:24-25

  2. Martina Jones

    This is great work. It will get worse and worse, but the bible warns us over and over, and what the problem is here that people think because they take Jesus in their hearts that they are saved forever and still live like the world feeling very secure. They dont even study the scriptures to understand God the Almighty.I m in my 70ts and want still to learn more and more about the Father I love so dearly. I think one day soon a lot of people will be surprised thinking they are truly saved. It is very sad indeed, and we should pray for God His will be done in every situation. God bless you.

    • Xenia Soares

      Hello Martina. I appreciate your comment thanks for the support sister. Yes, we are only seeing the beginning before things get really bad. I believe we may face another inquisition by the Vatican. May God bless your soul. Keep up the good fight!

  3. Anonymous

    Great article and very well researched!

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    Awesome work

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