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The Unholy Holy Ghost of Todd White & the NAR

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Posted By Tony Baugh

The Bible is clear that in the last days, just before Jesus returns, there will be false prophets deceiving through false signs and lying wonders. There is no greater present-day evidence of this than Todd White and the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation).

The Ground Zero of the NAR is Bethel Church in Redding, California, of whom Todd White is strongly affiliated with. He speaks at their conferences and is very tight with the commander in chief of Bethel Church, Pastor Bill Johnson (photo below). His ‘School of the Supernatural’ offers courses on doing precisely what Todd White does. 

These courses teach people to be ordained as “prophets” and “apostles.” That is if you are willing to pay their hefty tuition. In fact, Bill Johnson himself “knights” them upon graduation. The Bible is clear that it is only the Holy Spirit Himself who distributes these gifts as He sees fit.

Their agenda is inducting youth through the emotionalism of repetitive, hypnotic worship music. This music has since been morphed into the Jesus Culture Movement. Jesus Culture is a rapidly rising youth movement spreading the NAR agenda like wildfire across the globe. 

Kundalini Serpent Spirit of Todd White & The Nar 

Getting kids ‘high’ on the music, telling them it’s the Holy Ghost moving, and then they move in for the kill; running the kids in lines through ‘fire tunnels’ during intermission, laying hands on them, and imparting the Kundalini serpent spirit. 

They often fall down, twitch, convulse, as if burning in agony, all in the name of Jesus. They call it Holy Ghost Fire, yelling commands to the Holy Ghost, “More! More! More Lord! Double It! Double It!” 

Todd White & The Nar Bill Johnson

This is precisely what Todd White and the NAR does, calling down fire in the name of Jesus. This is also what we are warned will be one of the great deceptions of the Beast, calling down fire from heaven, false signs and lying wonders. (Revelation 13:13) Jesus Himself said there would be a deception so powerful, that if it were possible, would deceive even the very elect.

Bethel’s own beloved, best-selling “quantum metaphysics” book, Physics of Heaven, is sold in their own campus bookstore. Alongside this book is a plethora of Jesus Culture CDs and a multitude of NAR authors. The book states that the New Age stole all their mystical techniques from Christianity and that they intend to steal them back.

One of Bethel’s own prophets trained by their supernatural school unknowingly prophesied to a real practicing witch. The prophet was telling her, “God is pleased with you! Keep doing what you are doing!”

Bethel Church & Their Occult Practices with Necromancy

There are multiple videos and photos evidencing Bethel students on-campus field trips who take classes on grave soaking/sucking. This includes the Johnsons (Bill & wife Benny). They travel to grave sites to suck or soak the anointing of the dead from faith healers themselves. Like William Branham, the very godfather of the NAR, whom they worship like a god and has multiple, easily verifiable, failed, false prophecies. 

This is an act the Word of God referred to as necromancy (contacting the dead), condemning it as an abomination to God.

Another stunning fact is that Todd White received his Kundalini anointing from Benny Hinn himself (photo below). When Hinn laid hands on Todd White, Todd fell back and Hinn repeatedly and creepily told him he was “Going to be part of a great Youth Movement.” This is verifiable on video.

Todd White & The Nar Benny Hinn

Todd White & The NAR Preach Another Jesus

What Christians may find difficult to believe is that Satan himself can indeed heal in the name of Jesus, but another Jesus. To verify this, Johanna Michaelsen’s book or video testimony, The Beautiful Side of Evil, is highly recommended. This was the catalyst that delivered author/speaker Warren B. Smith out of the New Age. Both were early pioneers of exposing New Age mysticism creeping into modern Christendom, largely unaware.

As an ex-New Ager myself, I can attest that psychics, yogis, Reiki masters, and witches employ the exact same techniques as the NAR. One technique is by tapping into the demonic realm of unclean spirits. They supply very personal, intimate information about the individuals they approach. Similar to an invisible phone line direct to the demonic spirit realm, like certain ailments or sickness they may have. 

They also employ flattery, telling them how amazing they are and how much Jesus loves them. 

This immediately impresses the recipient, who they then ask if they can lay hands on to heal them through the power of the Holy Ghost. All while doing it in the name of Jesus. Another Jesus, aka Satan. They commonly feel heat or electricity, common sensations associated with the New Age practice of Reiki. 

They tell the recipient that it’s Holy Ghost Fire and that they just felt the power or just received the Holy Ghost. Not one word about sin, repentance, or even the gospel.

Jesus Christ said in the end times, many false prophets would come as wolves in sheep clothing and that we would know them by their fruits. 

Todd White & His Other Gospel 

The greatest evidence of these falsehoods is that there is always another gospel preached void of the vital messages that save souls. The very vital message that Jesus Christ Himself preached like repentance from sin, holiness, judgment, hell, and fear of God. Not the Todd White and the NAR’s Holy Ghost which is all an obsession with healing via signs and wonders. 

They seduce people through the emotionalism of music and the flattery of telling people how amazing they are or how much Jesus loves them. No conviction of sin, contriteness, or brokenness of spirit before a holy God. Jesus Himself told us the ministry of the Holy Spirit of Truth is to “Convict of sin, righteousness, and judgment.” 

These are all messages that Todd White and the NAR’s feel-good emotional love gospel is completely absent from. Seducing spirits & doctrines of devils.

“For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders. So as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.” (Jesus) Matthew 24:24

A false prophet is not always known by what they preach as much as what they DON’T preach. Which is what the Bible calls another gospel and another spirit. Another Jesus, of which God’s Word states clearly, “Let them be accursed.” 

In other words, there IS another gospel, another spirit, and another Jesus. The gospel that Jesus warned of clearly, describing precisely the Jesus being promoted by Todd White & the NAR.

“Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? In thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? Then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (Jesus) Matthew 7:22-23

The most horrifying words in the entire universe.

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